Rabbi Beryl Chafetz ZT”L

Our Sages of Blessed Memory teach us that in every generation there are 36 righteous individuals (“Lamed-Vavniks”) that keep the World going with their holiness.

I am grateful to have had the tremendous opportunity to have known one of them quite well.  Rabbi Beryl Chafetz ZT”L was a true tzadik who inspired all who met him (including 4 generations of The Freedman Family as you can see from the photo below where he was blessing one of the newest generation of talmidim).


It’s not every day that one merited to meet a man who had studied in Radin by the Chofetz Chaim (he’s even in the famous picture below)…

Please take a look at the brief article I wrote in his honor which Rabbi Jack Abramowitz was kind enough to post on the OU.org website.