Meeting Rabbi Meir Mazuz Shlita

Dr. Freedman has been engaged in the business world with other industry leaders since the beginning of his training at Harvard Medical School. As an expert in the healthcare field, Dr. Freedman has worked with a variety of organizations -- including both established companies and startups -- in consultant roles as well as in leadership positions including that of Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. Freedman's skills as a clinical psychiatrist are at the core of his ability to serve in a variety of diverse roles from that of marketing specialist to that of merger-and-acquisition negotiator. These abilities make him a formidable resource for businesses seeking an organizational consultant to develop strategy and improve performance. His extensive risk-management skills provide additional security in both established and changing business landscapes.

Dr. Freedman's most recent work has included serving as CMO for Mentegram where he has overseen the development of a new electronic medical record and successfully directed an international marketing campaign. From 2016-2018, Dr. Freedman served as the VP of Clinical Partnerships for My Psychiatric Partner, a nationwide telepsychiatry company, where he was charged with creating new clinical and business relationships.

Dr. Freedman is also available as freelance writer. His work has appeared in a wide variety of publications including The American Journal of Psychiatry, The Jerusalem PostPsychiatric Times, and The Jewish Press. His previous clients include The National Alliance on Mental Illness where he was responsible for developing a new series of educational resources for individuals with mental illness and their loved ones.

Dr. Freedman is proud to have worked with the following organizations: