Dr. Yaakov Freedman is proud to announce the publication of his new book — Off The Couch — in collaboration with Menucha Publishers.

Dr. Freedman has received fantastic press reviews — as well as endorsements from leading Rabbonim — for his candid, often humorous, and ultimately heartfelt account of mental health in Israel and abroad.

The book is available at local Jewish Book Stores, via Menucha Publishers and via Amazon.

The Vilna Goan says that two of the important traits that a successful doctor needs is to be a Rofeh Ne’eman (a skilled doctor) and a Rachamon (a merciful person). Dr. Freedman exemplifies both of these vital characteristics.

— From the haskamah of Harav Noach Orlowek Shlita

If you’re a patient who needs to know that you’re not alone, a mental health professional who wants to see what it’s like in the office of a psychiatrist working here in Jerusalem, or just about anyone who cares about The Jewish People, you’ll find this book quite relevant. This is 360 pages of pure gold.

— From the book review in The Jewish Press