Dr. Freedman's new children's book — Me and Uncle Baruch: A Story for Families Coping with Mental Health Issues — is now available from Menucha Publishers!

The book is available via Amazon, Menucha Publishers, and at local Jewish bookstores near you.

Parents struggle to help their children to understand what's happening to a sibling, an aunt, or a grandfather. With this in mind, I wrote a book for families that are experiencing challenges with mental health. My hope is that it will be able to help kids and parents alike to have healthy discussions and to support one another.

— From the interview in The Jewish Press

Understanding and living with aberrant behavior is a major challenge even for adults. Children can be totally confused by what's going on. Sometimes they may come to grossly incorrect conclusions, which may impact their thoughts and emotions. Dr. Freedman has made a major contribution to helping youngsters cope with this problem.

— Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski ZT"L