Meron: In The Wake of Tragedy

In the wake of last week’s disaster in Meron, I’ve spent much of the past few days racing between Yeshivos here in Israel to speak about the tragedy.

In talking with both students and staff, my message is clear:
1-Create a safe place to talk about the disaster that many experienced first-hand
2-Identify individuals at risk for acute stress reactions and post-traumatic stress disorder
3-Provide timely referrals to trained professionals

There is nothing wrong with seeking help after a traumatic event. By providing resources for our community, we can help prevent mental health emergencies.

Yashar Koach to our colleagues at Amudim Community Resources, Inc, Chaim Vechessed, Relief Resources – Mental Health Referralsבית חם, and other great organizations for your great work in providing accessible mental health resources. But most importantly, Refuah Shelemah to all those who are working hard at recovery!