Psychiatric Times Reviews “Off The Couch”

Long before my column in Mishpacha Magazine, I was a humble intern at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. That was when I got my first regular writing gig for a great mental health publication called Psychiatric Times. I wrote a number of articles about my days as a trainee and gained invaluable experience—alongside incredible colleagues like Howard Forman and Dr. Ron Pies—from my editor Susan Kweskin.

Fast-forward over a decade into the future and Dr. Steve Moffic has just reviewed my new book for the same publication that got me started as a professional writer! What an honor and thanks to Hirsch Meir Traube and Menucha Publishers for making this happen…

Check out Dr. Moffic’s review here where the legendary Dr. Irving Yalom’s memoir is covered as well:

Copies of “Off The Couch” are going like hotcakes (or $.99 bottles of Coca Cola in today’s market) so make sure to get yours soon:

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